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Welcome to the Natural Healing Center

We believe that your body, as created by God, can heal itself when things are balanced and in harmony.  As such, our mission is to bring complete wholeness and everlasting change to those that we touch by aligning and balancing the body, soul and spirit.

Your Home for Healing, Peace & Wellness

We Provide Answers Surrounding Chronic Complex Illness So You Can Get Back to Living & Loving Life

Built around the philosophy of whole health, we specialize in treating the mind, body and spirit through innovative techniques, seeking long-term solutions to address your unique health and wellness concerns.

Our approach to wellness is personalized, holistic and integrative addressing the underlying causes of disease.  The ultimate goal is to empower you with the tools to achieve your highest expression of health.

“There is a path to healing, and your body wants to heal. In fact, I guarantee it’s trying to heal right now. Give it what it needs, bring balance, and it will heal itself.”   

~ Dr. Rodney Russell

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With Your Functional Holistic Approach to Natural Healing, You Will Experience:

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What Sets Dr. Russell Apart from All Others?

Treating the Body as a Whole..

  • Biochemically
  • Structurally
  • Energetically
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

I’ve listened to those like yourself.  I’ve heard thousands of voices of discouragement and frustration; when you’re not feeling well and being tossed around from doctor-to-doctor; only to be told “everything’s normal” when you know it’s not.

There is a root cause, and I share your desire to uncover it. Therefore, I don’t “treat” sickness and disease; rather I work to bring the whole body back into balance with a holistic approach so it can heal itself. This is where one manifests sustainable health.

Please come, and share in this unique approach of the fusion of functional and integrative medicine, structural biomechanics, emotional mind/body energetics and neurological function.

Finally, you will experience cutting edge diagnostics, the latest advances in natural medicine, and progressive emotional/energetic healing modalities with the science of how nature heals. This, combined with an intuitive gift for understanding complex health challenges, enables me to bring clarity to the nature of the problem taking holistic healing and functional medicine to a whole new level. The result, a powerful customized treatment plan to help transform your health, your life.

Dr. Rodney Russell
Functional/Holistic Practitioner, Chiropractor & Applied Kinesiologist

Dr. Rodney Russell with the Natural Healing Center of Northwest Arkansas
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